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Conference Update!

The AEGTCCBC Executive is pleased to announce that Dr. ​Lannie ​Kanevsky ​(UBC) ​and ​Dr. ​Kristi ​Lauridsen ​(SFU) will be speaking at our conference this year on October 19th, 2018! Save the date, and reserve your spot today!

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Personalizing ​Learning ​With ​High ​Ability ​Learners 

Students ​experience ​personalized ​learning ​when ​they ​take ​responsibility ​for ​their ​learning, ​weaving ​their ​interests ​in ​to ​activities, ​making ​important ​decisions ​about ​them, ​learning ​from ​the ​consequences ​- ​owning ​their ​growth. ​They ​can ​construct ​these ​experiences ​with ​their ​teachers ​if ​they’re ​prepared ​for ​their ​role. ​It’s ​exciting, ​engaging, ​and ​even ​daunting! ​Even ​high ​ability ​learners, ​like ​their ​teachers, ​need ​to ​learn ​the ​necessary ​skills ​to ​take ​it ​on. 

Lunch, ​coffee, ​tea, ​and ​refreshments ​will ​be ​provided. ​If ​you ​have ​any ​questions, ​please ​contact ​the ​Conference ​Chair, ​Elizabeth ​Ensing, ​at: ​ebbensing@gmail.com

Conference Information

Date: Friday, October 19th, 2018

Location: Executive Plaza Hotel, 405 North Road
CoquitlamBritish Columbia, V3K 3V9

(604) 936-9399

Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Food: Lunch, snacks, tea and coffee provided

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BCTF Member: $155.00

TTOC/Student Teacher: $55.00

Non-BCTF Member: $180.00

Walk-ins: $175.00-space permitting (payments made by cash or cheque at the door only)

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